7 Days of Prayer For Your Pastor

7 Days of Prayer For Your Pastor

Are you unhappy with your pastor? Would you like a new one... a different one? Why not pray for the one you have?
Some people are unhappy with their Pastor and yet they will be the first to admit they never pray for him. Why not? The best way to change someone is to pray for them. Fervently. No job in America is in more need of prayer than that of being a Pastor.

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More and more these days, Christian pastors are under attack by Satan, the liberal media, and even some in their own congregations. Men who stand in the pulpits of America’s churches are walking around with a virtual bulls-eye imprinted on their backs and chests. What was once a respected, honorable profession for a man has turned into a punching bag for the liberal media and sadly the very people these pastors serve. They stand in America’s churches preaching the Word of God while dodging the fiery darts of the Enemy.
“7 Days of Prayer For Your Pastor” is a short eBook that will give you a daily rundown on issues you can pray over for your pastor. Many congregations don’t even realize their pastor is just an ordinary man who needs prayer like they do. This eBook will give you not only 7 areas in which to pray for your pastor but also the scripture needed to make your prayers for your pastor relevant and vibrant. Why not start today, the eBook is free, so don’t let the cost hold you back.

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