A Silent Key

A Silent Key

Think what your survivors will do with your ham equipment should something happen to you.

What happens when people go into your ham shack and start throwing things in boxes? Think of the trashmen throwing your Bencher keyer up in their truck with the rest of the trash. Think of your antenna system and what it will look like when someone cuts them down for the scrap metal in them.

About the Book

This book deals with your amateur radio equipment, and what happens to it when you go to the Ham Shack in the Sky as the old saying goes. Do you have a plan in place, or will you wing it, leaving the radio equipment for your survivors to deal with? What will your spouse do with equipment she doesn’t even understand? Now is the time to plan on the disposal of your amateur radio gear. Don’t let it be one of those many things on your ‘to-do’ list that doesn’t get done before you pass away. Plan the liquidation of your ham radio estate now so your survivors can reap the benefits of your equipment once it is sold off.

Publisher: Larck Company
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780463607565
eBook Price: .99
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