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Some folks will ask, “Why have a book that’s only available in print?” Many people would instead read a book they can hold in their hands and turn the pages. There’s nothing wrong with digital books. Some folks enjoy the feel of turning the pages, though. Some books need to be in print format to lay flat on a surface while being used—books such as instruction manuals, some textbooks, and last but not least, cookbooks.

Debbie Larck
Adventures in Cooking

Adventures in Cooking


Growing up in a family that didn’t cook, knew little of foods others cooked, the author of Adventures in Cooking decided to learn to cook. Determined from her youth to cook for her family once she got married, Debbie set out to know the right way to cook. Along the way, there were some disappointments, yet she never gave up on her dream to learn how to cook.
How about you? Has your cooking changed your life yet for the better? Do people rave about even the simplest of meals you prepare? Are you relaxed and confident about cooking for a group? If you’re overcome with self-doubt, then Debbie’s journey from “can’t even boil water” to the accomplished cook she is today is the book for you. Her story reassures and inspires others to become self-reliant when it comes to cooking.
Debbie learned to cook using the “self-taught cookbook” method because no one in her family actually “cooked” when she was growing up. Determined to cook independently, she pushed herself through recipes, cooking failures, and even a tiny kitchen fire. Some years ago, someone suggested that she write about her cooking adventures, so “Adventures in Cooking” was written and published.

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Eyewitness to the Exodus (Paperback)

Eyewitness to the Exodus (Paperback)

God sends an angel, known as a scribe, to Egypt to document the exodus of the Jews after Pharaoh is forced to release them from their servitude. The scribe acts as the eyewitness to the events leading up to the Jews entering the Promised Land and the forty years of travel and heartache they endured along the way. From slavery, the Hebrew nation went through forty years in the wilderness and onward to The promised Land.

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About the Book

When God decides to free the Israelites, who had been enslaved by the cruel Egyptians for over 400 years, He enlists the help of a heavenly Scribe who He commands to record the events.
Before long Ecanus Scriba is among the Israelites, carefully concealing his true identity from them as he records each step in their flight from Egypt to the Promised Land, from Moses’ demands of Pharoah to the parting of the seas and the Ten Commandments and beyond.
Each part of their 40 year journey is vividly recorded and reproduced as each obstacle is overcome in turn and the Israelites move ever closer to their new home.
Eyewitness to the Exodus is a novel based on the actual events of the time the Israelites fled Egypt to find a new home and told through the eyes of the heavenly being sent by God to record its progress. It provides an accurate account but has been written in such a way as to entertain as well as educate.


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Genres: Christian Fiction, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Larck Company
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1732792410
ISBN: 9781732792418
List Price: 11.95
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Floyd Larck

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